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Six short videos introduce core features including tokens that allow Node-RED folks to manage their flows in their own GitHub repository - public or private. provides support for Node-RED flow management outside of Node-RED. It includes a Webiliser for visualisation of Node-RED flows outside of Node-RED, it provides an integration with GitHub and can be fully utilised from within Node-RED via the nodes.

Please note: These screencasts are not for folks new to Node-RED, if you are looking for an introduction to Node-RED, then check out my blog for a bunch of articles on learning Node-RED.

Episode 1: Visual Comparison

Textual line-based comparison versus visual flow based comparison. This video demonstrates why was created in the first place and also introduces the Webiliser.


Episode 2: Webiliser Features - textdiff

The Webiliser (Web + Visualisation) provides a visualisation of Node-RED flows outside of Node-RED. This video presents the text-diff feature providing a more GitHub-like comparison of flow revisions.


Episode 3: Webiliser Features - UML, 3D and Node-RED

This video describes base features of the Webiliser, including a UML and 3D representation, documentation and revision comparisons.


Episode 4: Node-RED Integration

This video demonstrates how to use the nodes inside Node-RED describing the Pull, Compare and Push workflow provided by the nodes.


Episode 5: GitHub Integration using tokens

This video introduces tokens and demonstrates how to create your own tokens for GitHub integration.


Episode 6: Token Management

This video demonstrates how to use tokens to transfer flows between git repositories.

Use Cases

A second series of screencasts describe the use cases of

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