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Six short screencasts presenting the use cases for which was developed.

These screencasts continuation of the introduction screencasts series and describe three use cases: flow documentation, custom node development and flow deployment.

Please note: These screencasts are not for folks new to Node-RED, if you are looking for an introduction to Node-RED, then check out my blog for a bunch of articles on learning Node-RED.

Episode 7: Documentation

This episode describes how flow documentation can be created, updated and maintained in Node-RED. It also introduces Pink Link Technology for making flow documentation interactive.


Episode 8: Flow to UML Node

This episode presents the UML documentation of Node-RED flows to aid communication amongst folks working together. UML is generated in Mermaid format and can be saved or copied.


Episode 9: Defining Flow Dependencies

This episode demonstrates how flows can be referenced from other flows using the FlowHubPull node. This also presents an introduction to custom node development in Node-RED using the NodeDev node package.


Episode 10: Custom Node Development

This episode presents the workflow for deploying custom nodes to NPM.js and updating custom node codebases at GitHub.


Episode 11: Single Source of Truth

This episode presents the idea that GitHub becomes a store of code and not the single source of truth. Instead two dimensional Node-RED flows become the single source of code truth, GitHub just becomes a one dimensional derivative of that code.


Episode 12: Flow Deployment

This episode presents an example of deploying a set of flows from to an external Node-RED instance. This allows folks to edit flows in Node-RED, store flows at and deploy these flows to another Node-RED instance.


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