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Introspection Package

Four short screencasts presenting the Introspection node package.

These screencasts present tools for introspectively analysing and aiding development of flows within Node-RED.

Please note: These screencasts are not for folks new to Node-RED, if you are looking for an introduction to Node-RED, then check out my blog for a bunch of articles on learning Node-RED.

Episode 1: Introduction and Sidebar

This episode presents the sidebar functionality of the package. Each functionality is described in detail and for what it might be useful for.

Not mentioned in the screencast is that if you want to try this out with your flow, then export that flow from your Node-RED and import it into the serverless Node-RED instance.


Episode 2: Visual Obfuscation

This episode presents the visual obfuscation functionality of the introspection package. This functionality is taking the ideas of obfuscation and applying them to a visual programming language.

Episode 3: Palette Nodes

This episode presents the ClientCode, Seeker, Sink … nodes amongst others.

Episode 4: Deployment using SendFlow

I discuss the use of the SendFlow and InstallPkg nodes to remotely deploy flows to an external Node-RED instance.


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