This is the endpoint for the RSS generator URL. The RSS was generated using blogroller which is the software behind this blog. It is constructed in Node-RED.

Blogroller is part of an experiment to create blogging software using Node-RED. Node-RED is a flow-based visual programming tool that is designed for IoT applications. I prefer to use it to create blogging software. Or Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) or API servers or other stuff.

The main flow that makes up Blogroller software is experimental and liable to change, modification and diaster, but isn’t all good software? Normally it is called upgrading but that would be too simple.

Each page on this blog has a source flow that generates the content for the page. This page is no different, see the [Source Flow] link below. In a certain sense this blog is sort of like a Wiki but then it’s not, somewhere in the greyzone between a Wiki and Wordpress.

As part of this experiment, Node-RED is also being used as a Mind-Map tool for visually representing thoughts and ideas. Node-RED allows these thoughts to be executed (after all Node-RED is a programming environment) to produce longer texts. These long texts are the blog pages.

Questions this experiment seeks to answer:

There are no answers and there will probably be no generalised answers, my sole enjoyment is the journey towards those answers.

Re-invention embraces Re-experience.

To build a blog platform is to experience the difficults that the Wordpress folks went through. From experience comes learning and from learning comes knowledge.

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