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alternatively: Mapping Information Bubbles

Decomposing the filter bubble or more properly to call it decomposing my filter bubble what do I mean by this? It is the usage of something like Node-RED or a mind map or a concept map to build up a two-dimensional picture of all my thoughts and the connections between those thoughts. Instead of using a one-dimensional document to write all my thoughts down as they come, I’m now combining them all and linking them all together to see how my thoughts influence each other and what might the bigger picture be.

I find it insightful to see my thoughts, where they came from and how they influence each other. It presents to me a view of where my thoughts are, what do I focus on, where is my focus is dark, where is it positive, negative, social critical, love.

How does this decompose the filter bubble in which I exist?

What my diagram is implicitly showing is how the blogs, news, articles and everything else that I intellectually consuming, are influencing my thoughts. It shows how much influence a particular blog or news site has when I connect the dots or in this case, the nodes.

If I then look at the clear areas, those with little or no connection, I see the spots where I can extend and breakout of my filter bubble. Finding areas where something which I haven’t discovered could be lurking in the background.

How does this work? For example putting in books that I’ve read, putting in the authors and then seeing what these authors also wrote and from there I see the loose ends in what I read and what I still need to read.

Visually, working with colours I also began to see missing colours, which meant I was missing references or ideas or something else to give the overall view a sense of completion. Intellectually what this is showing me is that I’ve not thought about something throughly enough. Perhaps I missed a contra-view, perhaps someone else has a quote that I’ve missed.

On the other hand, if something is to harmonious, then I say to myself where is the dissonance?

It’s linking everything together seeing flows together see how these things influence each other and then going backwards and saying okay what is the other way, what’s the alternative view on that. The visualisation of that makes it easier to see these things.

Writing documents I have the fear of losing ideas to forget things and not knowing them so I write them all down but then I don’t see where have I repeated myself, am I going in circles where are the new things am I new, is there something else? The unfortunate downside to one-dimensionality - the lack of connection. However in the lack of connection, one-dimensionality has it’s advantage, it provides focus, it provides the room to rethink and repeat ones thoughts without being constantly being pulled back into the past.

Why stop at two-dimensionality? Why indeed! I would love to be able to do the same in three-dimensional space using VR glasses. Imagining my thoughts floating in a three dimensional space where the combine to build large, more complex thoughts and ideas. Falling apart as completely different ideas and then combing with out ideas. I virtual world of pure thought.

Why Node-RED?

[Once again I’m going my own way there’s plenty of mind maps out there and concept map tools but I’m using something which is not intended for that and that’s Node Red and Node Red has different features which I do see which I require and these are the links to create links between these ideas and it’s not just one directional it’s bidirectional most mind maps I know are one unidirectional you go from one thought to the next to the next but you don’t go looping back to things that influence each other and stuff like that so that’s what I find Node Red is doing really well unfortunately Node Red has a few other issues it would be great my big idea would be to have something like a possibility of creating a larger text from thoughts so that you stream the text into a bigger document but that’s the way I’m using it it’s not possible which is unfortunate it’d be great if it was possible because then I could create larger text from my snippets of thoughts but that’s probably version 2 then anyway so decomposing the filter bubble which is I think it’s going to be a good idea it’s going to be in next article something I think I might be writing about anyway ok]

I have to admit, I started with quite a bit of source material. I am an ideas hoarder - I have an almost maniacal nature of writing all my ideas down, thankfully electronically otherwise I would be drowning in paper notes - as Pascal might well have done with his 800 slips of paper:

When Pascal died in 1662, there were more than 800 slips of paper in various stages of disorder. These fragments are, in a large part, a direct consequence of his rejection of the Cartesian insistence on order and clarity.

I have used iA Writer to give an electronic diary from which I take my snippets and bring them into my 2D world.

Embracing repetition in form of copy and paste. In my 1D would of writing I’ve tried not to repeat myself or have duplication, in a 2D world I have given this hope up! I have now completely duplicated my notes into my 2D world, I change notes here and there. What is the current version? What is the best version of a thought? The answer to all those questions is simply the version I am looking at.

[… talking about tooling and using a non-mindmap tool for a mindmap …]

duplication prevention can be as simple as searching for a url in your mindmap. or simple terms. or you keep the duplication and remove it sometime later when you find it - there is no requirement that everything is clean and perfect. just as there is no clean and perfect mind.

The domain for the
decoposing filter bubbles
aka mapping information bubbles
aka open mind maps
aka mine.mind
aka …


Ironically Jimmy Wales started wikipedia after the realise and popularity of wikis for quick collobration and note taking. So his idea was based on an existing technology.

Openmindmap is similiarly based on an existing technology and that is Node-RED - certainly far more complicated but the first step to a global open mind-map to explode information bubbles.

Concentrate on the openmindmap

Given the overfilled market of writer tools, it would be better to follow the open mind-map idea rather than the writermap - i.e. a tool for writers.


Call it writermap and publish it as a tool for writers to organise their thoughts online.

Given the fixed and pre-defined nodes to organise their stuff.

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